Excerpts from SHINee with Lee Sora

Yappy translated most of this (into Japanese):


And I’ve been regurgitating it on twitter through out the day so here’s a dump of little bits I liked. Someone will do a proper translation soon.


Sora: How do you take off your make-up?

Key: Cleansing oil

Sora: With Cleansing oil!!

Jonghyun: Usually we take it off (like this:) We start with oil (to remove the make-up) then the oil that’s left on is removed with tissue and we use foam once more…

*Minho makes face-washing motions*


Key said that before they didn’t want to use eyeliner but it slowly changed and fits in with the concept. Since forever it’s been on his mind that the space between his eyes was wide..

Jonghyun: You can use this as a cover.

Key: Yeah eyeliner covers this up.


When they’re introducing themselves in Japanese, Key tells them to do it for the evening (Meaning say “Konbanwa” / “Good night”) Minho messes this up and said “Konnichiwa” / “Good day”. They teased him then did it over.


Jonghyun: Actually, when we went to France for the SM concert we were really surprised. Even though the colour of our skin differs, the hair colour differs and our eyes differ, we still enjoyed the same music together. This itself made (me) so happy.


*still talking about foreign fans*

Jjong: They also dance too

Key: They’re really good at Korean too

Sora: That’s true, they also dance along?

Minho: What’s the most astonishing for us is not just that when they’re on stage they clap along for (and) they sing along too… [Just like in Korea]
At the concert hall (in France) they were dancing too.

Taemin: Even though they were sitting…

Minho: Even though they were sitting, suddenly (starts dancing)

Taemin: Hooo!! (Taemin starts dancing too)

Onew: The really surprising thing is… it doesn’t matter what sort of song…Hoo~ Hoo~ …. even if it’s a ballad.

Onew: Errr. As for me (as an individual), I also want to become macho….

Sora: Aren’t you macho?

Taemin: He’s macho. Here… *touches thigh*

Jonghyun: The lower half of his body, Onew-hyung is…

Onew: 98% of my muscle-mass is in my upper thighs.

Sora: Eh? But your body is really good too….

Onew: Hahahahahaha

*Lee Sora goes on and on asking them to talk about their real selves or pranks and what’s there or not there when they’re actually on stage*

Sora: *says a ton of stuff*

Key: I think we’re filled with a poisonous air…. [not sure if that’s the right word to use, sounds weird in English makes sense to me since my brain translates everything into manga, remember this isn’t from Korean so someone will do a proper translation later anyway.]

Sora: Ah, it’s like that… yeah..

Key: This time we were really releasing an album after about 2 years so when we were practicing it was also like that, it’s like not a single person would talk, it’s like you could only see like 1/2 of the iris… like this… in the mirror..

Jonghyun: It’s sanpaku eyes right? Sanpaku. Our eyes were totally like sanpaku

Key: Really. When we looked afterwards, it’s was like that.

[ Sanpaku mean that the lower lid is drooping so much you see the white under the lower lid.


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