Shinee Mobile Update 20120604 + Me2day

[Onew updated me2day]

[온유] 키랑 한 컷~^^

[オニュ] Keyとワンカット~^^ (KRN->JP :yappy)

[Onew] One cut with Key ~^^ [0]


[Taemin on Japanese mobile site]

I took purikura [1]

Mine is (with) Key-hyung. [0]

Although I had wanted my own (cutout)…


[Staff update on Japanese mobile site]

In the dressing room earlier, the members were given exclusive use of the purikura booth!!

During the member’s use of the highly praised (booths)

Right away we discovered a member in the middle of using it!! (O^^O)

The individual cutouts of the members appear randomly [2], what sort of pose did everyone do?!

Anxiou~~~~~~~~s (>_<)


[0] Added Onew’s since it was related to Taemin’s update on the Japanese site. It says “cut” literally so I left it…

[1] Purikura refers to the sticker booths available throughout Japan, you can take and decorate your pictures, etc. I mentioned it before (too lazy to find post), but at the concerts they set up these booths so that you can pretend you’re taking pictures with SHINee members. Both Taemin and Onew posed with Key’s cutout. (lol I was torn between saying “cut” and cutout, but you get the idea, right?)

[2] This is why Taemin (and Onew) ended up with Key’s cutout

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