Taemin’s Bbuing Bbuing

I’m one of those few persons that aren’t affected by aegyo. You know Minho’s face when Key was doing it while wearing that pink shawl? That’s me. I wondered why Taemin chose to do this in his pic on the Japanese blog.

According to @aiai96 (via @shimomomo622)

Fans requested that stuff they wanted the members to tell them for the 4 year anniversary.

It went along the lines of:

Jjong - “또 보자” See you soon / later

Taemin - Bbuing Bbuing

Key - “Freeze!”

But it seems there was none for Onew & Minho.

Part 2

Source: @minhooooo91

SHINee Translation Excerpt: KanFun May 2012

Warning: This article says nothing.

SHINee wins top ranking chart with a comeback after one and a half years!!
An explosion of joy (as they give an) “affectionate thank you”.

Releasing their 4th mini-album “Sherlock” on March 21st, male group SHINee has their comeback after one and a half years. On March 29th, they won first place at M Countdown’s live broadcast held at the CJ E and M Center in Sangam. [1]
At the show, Tony An announced “This week’s winner is…. SHINee!! Congratulations”.
In that instant Jonghyun let out two war cries [2] of “Waaa”. Key held the trophy up high and kissed it. After Onew gave a triumphant pose, they clapped hands to show their happiness.

Jonghyun spoke, “We’ve comeback after a year and half. Thank you for so much love. SHINee World (fan club name) Thank you! We’ll work hard from here on too.”
Taemin added with an astonished smile, “To everyone that gave us support, thank you from the bottom of my heart, please continue to support us”.

Following Taemin (declaring) “We will show the Ring Ding Dong dance”, the five of them performed this celebratory dance, the fans were delighted.
Before the encore stage, CNBlue’s Jung Shin and Shinhwa’s Min Woo gave them hugs of congratulations.

Approaching Big Bang
After the comeback,  SHINee gained the top rank on various music-related charts. On this day too, the title song “Sherlock” overwhelmed the audience with their powerful song and dance. They becoming a strong competitor for acts like BIG BANG and 2AM.

[1] Seoul, Mapo-gu, Sangnam-dong, 1606, CJ E & M Center, MNet Media
[2] It really does say that. 「わぁー」と雄叫び

SHINee held a fan sign event to commemorate their 4th mini album “Sherlock” going on sale in Times Square on March 28th.
On the previous day, they had won first place with their comeback on MBC music programme “Show Champion” [3] and the smiles couldn’t be wiped off their faces.

[3] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fOcWI-V3f4

The bits in brackets were stuff I changed to make the sentences flow better, still a little awkward though.