SHINee Mobile Update: 20120630 (Staff Blog)

The local specialty that we’re introducing for Hiroshima is “Momiji Manjuu”!! [1] [2]

It’s a famous snack from world heritage (site) Miyajima. [3]

The standard filling is sweet bean paste but…

The one that Key is eating is chocolate-flavoured, Taemin’s is macha (green tea) flavoured

There are other flavours there too so, these two are worrying “when the live show is over, I wonder which to eat~? ” ^^

And the “shakushi” [4] that Taemin is holding is also one of the famed souvenirs!

In Korean this is called “chugoku” [5]

This is bigger than the ordinary spoon so Taemin seemed to be looking at it in amazement from start to end (laugh)

[1] Had to rephrase this, but this is a series they have where they introduce a local specialty from the area they’re performing in.

[2] Momiji manjuu is a filled bun/cake

Read more about it here:


[4] wooden spoon / rice scoop

[5] This is the Japanized spelling, actually Romanized version from Korean -> English may be different.

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SHINee Mobile Update: 20120630 (Staff Blog)

I wonder who is this member sitting so coolly….?

The answer is Taemin

This is the pants he bought in Osaka ^^

Because it’s soon going to be time to open the doors, they’re going to change into their costumes~!

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Shinee Mobile Update 20120604 + Me2day

[Onew updated me2day]

[온유] 키랑 한 컷~^^

[オニュ] Keyとワンカット~^^ (KRN->JP :yappy)

[Onew] One cut with Key ~^^ [0]


[Taemin on Japanese mobile site]

I took purikura [1]

Mine is (with) Key-hyung. [0]

Although I had wanted my own (cutout)…


[Staff update on Japanese mobile site]

In the dressing room earlier, the members were given exclusive use of the purikura booth!!

During the member’s use of the highly praised (booths)

Right away we discovered a member in the middle of using it!! (O^^O)

The individual cutouts of the members appear randomly [2], what sort of pose did everyone do?!

Anxiou~~~~~~~~s (>_<)


[0] Added Onew’s since it was related to Taemin’s update on the Japanese site. It says “cut” literally so I left it…

[1] Purikura refers to the sticker booths available throughout Japan, you can take and decorate your pictures, etc. I mentioned it before (too lazy to find post), but at the concerts they set up these booths so that you can pretend you’re taking pictures with SHINee members. Both Taemin and Onew posed with Key’s cutout. (lol I was torn between saying “cut” and cutout, but you get the idea, right?)

[2] This is why Taemin (and Onew) ended up with Key’s cutout

SHINee Mobile Update: 20120528 (Artist Blog) - Taemin

Buing Buing ❤

Is everyone also into my buing buing charm?!

It’s embarrassing O(≧∇≦)O


Almost put “aegyo” instead of “charm”. Are you caught by Taemin’s buing buing?

SHINee Mobile Update: 20120511 (Artist Blog) - Taemin

While checking the mobile fansite (^_^)

The (photo) of my sunglasses that I posted the other day… it’s cute just as I thought!!

(To) those who want it, I’ll lend you so please tell me?! (laugh)

Thank you for the 3 days at Osaka Jou Hall!

When I saw the venue packed to capacity, I was really glad, and happy.

(To) all of the fans, thank you always.

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SHINee Magazine Excerpt: Biteki Aug 2011 - Taemin spotlight

Sorry anon, I sort flaked out for a little while. Here is the bit I think you requested.


"I’m too cheerful? But that’s my charm right?"

Throughout the interview Taemin gave the impression of someone who is always with a smile, when we asked him what he thought was his charm, instantly he replied, “I’m cheerful”.
The other members (responded) “You’re too cheerful!”, “no matter what he’s faced with, he’s cheerful”, but the teasing loving words from his hyungs [1] made the youngest give an embarrassed grin.

"Because we’re shooting late into the night, doing tough lessons, I never miss breakfast. My source of power is carbohydrates! So I make sure I have a good breakfast. Afterwards, I take supplements. I ensure that I don’t eat a lot of spicy food. For clear skin I put on face lotion properly. After washing (my face), face lotion is a must."

[1] older brothers. Somehow it’s just screwed up that even though I’m translating from a Japanese magazine to English yet using Korean seems more natural.

I’ve seen pretty airport stalker pictures of Key but I like these.

Random Taemin chat excerpts

Good day, Taemin is here/has appeared.

lol  Typing in Korean getting English lol

It’s me isn’t it?

Being told you’re cool is good. ^^

(Using a) MacBook is hard.

Windows is easy.

Typing is hard.

Isn’t today’s topic is supposed to be about the album?


That’s boring so

please say whatever (you want to).

At the time I was filming the MV

I was filming with a dog

but the dog

kept going woof woof.


[wan is sort of like woof, wanko is a cute way of saying dog, ko is child.]

I like dogs.

I like cats too.

A concept I want to do

Hmmm… Dir en grey

A choreographer that I respect is Shim Jaewon.


The style that I like is

Kaya Scodelario hahaha

Emma Watson

Please call my name just once.

And please just love just once. [I think he’s saying only tell him you love him once? I don’t understand since you can’t see what the 20 people are saying]

What’s a concept that I want to do?

Women’s clothing? hahahaha

Aside from me, what does everyone think about women’s clothing?

Is it that only 1000 are watching?

I just noticed ok


(I feel) under pressure.


It’s fun.

Totally fun.


Taemin Korean -> JPN: ganbusim_kiro

JPN -> ENG : me

Hopefully, I didn’t mess anything up, it’s a little confusing since you can only see Taemin’s side. Should I do Jonghyun’s? Or did someone else do it already?

Ceci Excerpt: Taemin

Q: SHINee in their 20s.
Taemin: It feels like I’ve become closer to my hyungs since reaching twenty.  The truth is that while the difference is about three years, there’s a gap between (being in your teens and in your twenties) isn’t there? It feels like we can communicate more easily now that everyone is in their twenties.

JPN -> Eng

SHINee Mobile Update: 20120224 (Artist Blog)

Everyone on the fansite,

Good day. It’s Taemin.

This photo is from the time when I appeared on a Korean music program in France while wearing my outfit from Japanese “The First”.

It’s complex, isn’t it? (laugh)

Everyone, it won’t be long until SHINee reaches you again! [1]

[1] Remember this is for a Japanese-only fansite. He’s talking to Japanese fans only So =/= Korean comeback.

SHINee Mobile Update: 20120217 (SHINee Room Q & A) Part two

I did the first part with Onew and Key last week, here.

☆ “I’m cool!”, is there a moment when you think something like this?
As a singer, when (I)’m on stage singing a song.

☆ In elementary school, what sort of student were you?
Good at sprinting (racing) and a noisy kid.

☆ If there’s a door to somewhere, where would you want to go?
I’d like a door from Korea to Japan.
Traveling by airplane is hard.

☆ Your solo songs are really good. How do you choose a song?
At what sort of time do you come up with lyrics?
Being sure to sing as many songs from (that) country.
As for lyrics, eating food or on the move, etc.
Being sure to think about it during everyday activities.
Because I think that’s how you can get stories that resonates with everyone.

☆ It’s gotten cold hasn’t it?
What Korean food do you eat to keep your body warm.

☆ Taemin-kun, how long does it take for you to remember one dance?
1 - 2 days.

☆ For women’s clothing, how does it feel when you wear a skirt?
It’s inconvenient

☆ Is there something that you always bear in mind and couldn’t give up?
My position as Maknae (youngest child)

☆ If Taemin-san were to buy a dog, what name would you give it?
(I’ll give that name to our dog)
Johnny (after the character he did the voice-over for in Koala Kid)

☆ If (you) realllllly shouldn’t sleep, what to do if (you’re) dozing off?
Pinch the thighs.

☆ Of your seniors, who do you want to become?
All of the SM artists, members too.

☆ Minho-san who hate losing, what do you think of a girl that hates to lose the same way?
I don’t think it’s bad.

☆ Minho has great reflexes, but, is there any new sport you want to try?
Golf, tennis, I’ve always thought these were really interesting when I watched them broadcast on TV. I had a golf lesson once, but, I want to master it.

☆ You have a lot of foreign activities but, what’s your favourite thing you bought abroad recently?
A watch.

☆ Which character do you like in SLAM dunk?
Jon Teman ( Mitsui Hisashi)
(Mitsui Hisashi is the Japanese character name, I’m not sure how to romanize Korean names that have been Japanesized. Sorry~ Edit: Google tells me 정대만 )

As usual, translation by CrissAn

Original from Shimochan~

Five years ago, I received a Maltese puppy as a Christmas present!
It came to our home on (December) 24th so its name is Eve. By the way, the other was named Adam when it became a two-pet family.
Both are cute <3
— Lee Taemin; Translation by me. From More Magazine Dec 2011.

Cosplay: Minho

 Following Taemin, who should be next?

Next is Minho. Sadly not a lot of people cosplay Minho (There’s tonss of Key & Jonghyun though)

Cosplaying as Minho in his true form:

RDD era:


Sadly some of the best ones I couldn’t access, like these:


Cosplaying as Minho cosplaying as girl, good job!

Let’s end with a group shot for tonight

More Cosplay~

I posted some cosplayers who dressed up as Jjong and Key earlier. In a report there was mention of a Taemin one, but I searched and couldn’t find it :(

But I did find some older cosplays in the cosplay directory that I thought were adorable!

So I will spam a littleeee bit. Let’s start with Taemin.

Shinji doing Lucifer Cosplay

Kojiru for Replay Era

And this is Hana who wanted to do a Christmas coloured outfit. <3

Have you done a Taemin cosplay? Please send me a pic!