The answer to yesterday’s quiz
The correct answer was Beni Shouga Tempura!
Perhaps you’ll like the crunchiness too?!

The answer to yesterday’s quiz

The correct answer was Beni Shouga Tempura!

Perhaps you’ll like the crunchiness too?!

The hint from Onew is
"Umm.. it’s red… nah, it’s yellow.It’s something we often notice when we’re eating gyuudon, but the shape is slightly different. The taste is pretty much the same as usual, but the chewiness [1] is a little different.”
Wonder what is the food Onew is talking about?
The answer will be revealed tomorrow. Please look forward to it~
Translation by me as always, but the awkwardness actually came from Onew this time.
[1] 歯応え literally “tooth response” can mean either firmness, as in pasta, or crunchiness.
I don’t know if it’s 紅生姜 (pickled red ginger) bc it’s doesn’t have the shape of what’s missing above.

The hint from Onew is

"Umm.. it’s red… nah, it’s yellow.
It’s something we often notice when we’re eating gyuudon, but the shape is slightly different. The taste is pretty much the same as usual, but the chewiness [1] is a little different.”

Wonder what is the food Onew is talking about?

The answer will be revealed tomorrow. Please look forward to it~


Translation by me as always, but the awkwardness actually came from Onew this time.

[1] 歯応え literally “tooth response” can mean either firmness, as in pasta, or crunchiness.

I don’t know if it’s 紅生姜 (pickled red ginger) bc it’s doesn’t have the shape of what’s missing above.

Everyone in Saitama, wasn’t today was really hot again?
Anyone wants to drink ice coffee with me?!

Let’s get pumped up and enjoy today’s stage as well

2013-06-21: It’s Onew

Everyone (in) SHINee World J+ PLUS Good day

It’s Onew.

The hot summer has reached.

Furthermore, it’s the beginning of the rainy season and it’s become jimehime. [1]

In this kind of season, it’s best to sit in front of a fan and eat watermelon, right?

(I’m stealthily sending my feelings to everyone via this picture!)

Next week will be the the release of our new album 「Boy meets U」

And then it’s the start of our tour!

Those who get [2] my thoughts, let’s make fun memories at the tour venues, ok?!

I’m waiting!

[1] sound effect of it being damp and hot.

[2] understand


It’s been so long since I did a translation :/


Tamara Staples is the photographer behind these peculiar portraits of spectacular chickens. She first encountered the regal looking birds when attending a poultry show. 

After being blown away by the thousands of different varieties of chickens, she decided to start a portrait series that’s now been compiled as a book The Magnificent Chicken: Portraits of the Fairest Fowl. 

(via bellfry)

SHINee Dazzling Girl Preview

Dazzling Girl Preview was aired on Mezamashi and uploaded by obo0718


Key and Taemin: This music video is

Tae: *gives up*

Key: Dazzling Girl.

Taemin: That’s right

Key: Huh?


The model in Dazzling Girl is NATSUKI FUJIMOTO

Her twitter is here:

Her blog is here:

If I find anything interesting on her blog, I’ll post it.

Keita says more stuff.

So I’ve been translating stuff Keita said for weeks now so you should know who he is.


The teaser for SHINee’s Dazzling Girl has been put up.
I was in charge of costumes for it.
It just gives you a peek but, please check it out to see their smiles and charm that knocked (even)[1] me out.

[1] Literally he said “me too”


The concept of the MV is this side versus the other side of the mirror. On the other side, there’s the cool and edgy SHINee, on this side, there’s one girl that becomes transformed into a dazzling girl by cute, real SHINee disguised as the dream team of pros. Each is singing and dancing.
The transformed dazzling girl is the opposite side of the mirror.


It was decided like this: Taemin (does) make-up, Minho - hair. Key is the stylist. Onew is the graphic designer. And, Jonghyun is the cameraman.
Everyone, did the hard shoot, even though it was the middle of the night and it was a fresh performance. If it’s a team like this, then what girl wouldn’t become pretty. [2]. Perhaps I could say beyond cute. [3]

[2] They worked so hard that they would/could make any girl beautiful.

[3] sejkfnsjkdfn Some phrases I suck at translating so let me give the dictionary definition of this slang, it means that you’re in a weakened state where your chest tightened and you’re without bones. kyunshi: kyun = sound of your chest tightening + shi = death. In other words, a real knockout.


It was a long, long, difficult shoot that lasted two days. But, while it was the first time working with us and the Japanese staff, with so many things that they’re not accustomed to, they were total pros. At first they were shy but, as they grew familiar, each individual was charming (in their own way). And then more than the charm that you could see, the five were friendly.
The performance was professional, they’re stars.


They did dozens of takes for the dance performances and all of them were
such high quality, I felt captivated each time. Definitely watch the entire thing. It’s just one eye-catching [4] cut after another. (laugh)

[4] There’s that kyunshi word again.


Trans by crissan@tumblr

Crap you probably already know.

Keita who I talked about here and here.

Some fan tweets the dazzling girl teaser pics to him: “Is this Keita-san’s (work)?”
Keita: Yes. The real thing is colourful.

It seems all of SHINee’s Teasar [sic] are (out) right?
It was wonderful as all of five them possess many many (talents) [1]
In spite of almost 2 days of shooting without being able to sleep, we shot many versions. Everyone really persevered.
Please look forward to it.
For me, them dancing is definitely my recommendation.

[1] Literally possess many faces.

[2] Before this, someone had tweeted a pic of Key’s teaser to him and replied “(it’s) Key” then deleted it soon after. So it seems he’s being cautious about what he can talk about. But he wanted everyone to know how much he liked them without spilling the beans.


Everyone’s seen the ad. Sadly the company did not make any statement about it.

The lyrics appear to be:

Dazzling Girl Dazzling Love(あいあいあい)
こ,これは これはLove
Dazzling Girl Dazzling Love(あいあいあい)
こ,これが こ,これが愛いぇい

Dazzling Girl Dazzling Love(ai ai ai)
ko-kore wa kore wa Love
Dazzling Girl Dazzling Love(ai ai ai)
ko-kore ga, ko-kore ga ai~i
Kimi wa nante Beauty
Kimi wa nante Cutie
Kimi wa nante Pretty
Kimi wa nante Lovely

Dazzling Girl Dazzling Love(ai ai ai) [1]
Th-this is, This is Love
Dazzling Girl Dazzling Love(ai ai ai)
Th-this is, This is Love
You’re such a Beauty
You’re such a Cutie
You’re so Pretty
You’re so Lovely

[1] 愛 (ai) in Japanese is “love”, so to me it’s a pun. See comment below.

Since it’s a song aimed for the Japanese market @soundoversoul and I were wondering over the reception, since you usually find positive comments in a SHINee thread, this isn’t really indicative of what the reception will be like but some Japanese netizen comments:

"On my first listen, I wasn’t really able to say it, but, this may be a sureme song [a song where you hear it for the first time it doesn’t stand out, like a background song on soundtrack but when you listen to it again, it gets better],
Japan isn’t the sort of culture for cheering etc [chanting at games or whatever.
The “aiaiai” and the “beauty,cutie,pretty,lovery[sic]” seems to stem from the cheering (done in Korea).
My hunch is that this could become the (type of) song that can be used to pump people up at live (concerts).”

"The low bass brrbrring, is it because the BPM [beats per minute/tempo] is fast? It brings your spirits up looking forward to the choreo(graphy)"


Yeah there’s a fanclub event.. Are you in Japan? Neither am I.

「SHINee WORLD J」会員限定ファンクラブイベント開催が決定。

SHINee Official Fanclub.
A fanclub event has been decided for the members of SHINee World J.
Because we want to all of the fans to feel as close to SHINee as much as possible, we have decided on starting with the first fanclub event.
We’ll be waiting on everyone to altogether send their cheers of support to SHINee.

★2012年12月20日(木)  :大阪城ホール
★2012年12月24日(月・祝):幕張メッセ イベントホール

 [Date ・ Location]
★2012-12-20-Thursday - Osaka Jou Hall
★2012-12-24-(Monday - holiday ) - Makuhari Messe International Convention Center

Oh yeah it’s 1000 yen to register for it and 5000 yen a year for membership. Then you can maybe attend events where you can feel closer to SHINee.


trans by crissan@tumblr

Stuff about the event came from shimochan and the rest is just a summary of all my tweets to @soundoversoul for the last few days.

SHINee Fanclub Video


Everyone: Good day, it’s shining SHINee!
Onew: Everyone in SHINee World J, Ah! We’ve finally opened our fanclub. It’s the first time we’re calling out to everyone in SHINee World J, but it feels feels as good as we thought.
Everyone. It’s good
Jonghyun: We’re truly happy that we’re able to (have) SHINee World J (and it’s) thanks to all of you. Thank you!
Everyone: Thank you!
Jonghyun: From here on, we’ll continue to do our best so, please watch over growing SHINee. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. [1]
Everyone: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Key: After SHINee World J has started so I want to make lots on memories together with everyone. So all of SHINee World J! Let’s do it together ok?
Taemin: Eh? Of course.
Minho: Does Taemin know why?
Taemin: Yes. Because it’s SHINee World J! Right?!
Everyone: (laughs at him)
Taemin: That’s right!
Key: That’s right. Please continue to support us!
Everyone: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
Onew: And this was shining SHINee

[1] Please treat us well.


It’s so awkward and cute with Taemin’s “sou desu ne” appropriate filler.


Hobby/Special talent: Music appreciation, (writing) song lyrics, (playing the piano)
A pet you’d like to keep/own: A small pig
Jinx: Thinking about bad things (becomes a jinx)
Best subject: Science

Hobby/Special talent: Soccer, Basketball, Acting [2]
What can’t you skip on any day: Exercise, weight training (lifting weights)
What’s something that’s already in the refrigerator? Water
Treasured item: The pet that (I) own

[2] >_> these are actually minho’s

Hobby/Special talent: Soccer, Basketball, Acting
Favourite spot: Mountain’s peak (scenery is nice).
Other than an artist, what’s a profession you’d like to try? Movie director.
Lucky number : 10

Hobby/Special talent: Water skiing, rap,  dance [3], Japanese, English.
What can’t you skip on any day: Listening to music, drinking coffee, writing in my diary [4]
Lucky colour : Pink, mint (green)
Treasured item : You [5]

[3] since we all know of the r/l thing, I really REALLY wanted to type lap dance.
[4] literally notebook management, can be read either like a journal or daily planner.
[5] Cheese level: Limburger. Oddly this is the more formal “anata” rather than the more casual “kimi” but it might be the translator’s choice.

Hobby/Special talent: Soccer, basketball, dance, music appreciation, piano
Childhood nickname : Temiri (scrubbing)
What’s always in the refrigerator: Meat
What would you consider your strong point? (My) youth.

[6] Scrubbing/ washing up is 垢擦り in Japanese is  때밀이 in Korean, テミリ/temiri is the closest in Japanese that you can get to 때밀이.
Do not google image search 때밀이. Ever.

[7] Left out “Birthday” b/c it’s written in English.


And I’m just dumping stuff from my twitter to here that I did over the last week or so.

Translation by crissan@tumblr

Dazzling Girl Editions

New Single
「Dazzling Girl」
2012.10.10 In Stores

First Run Limited Edition (Type) A
◇TOCT-40450 2,600 yen with tax(2,476 yen untaxed)
◇CD + DVD + PHOTO CARD 11 SHEETS taken for this single & luxury clutch bag
+Special trading card [You get one random card out of six ]
★Trading card [You get one random card out of six
★DVD of recording of Music Video and Jacket & Music Video Shooting Sketch!
CD:M1.Dazzling Girl M2.Run With Me
DVD:T1.Dazzling Girl Music Video T2.Dazzling Girl Jacket & Music Video Shooting Sketch

First Run Limited Edition (Type) A
◇TOCT-45100 1,600 List price(1,524 item alone/ yen tax excluded )
◇CD + PHOTO CARD 6 SHEETS & luxury digipack (folds in three)
+Special Trading card [You get one random card out of six]
★Bonus Track from SHINee THE FIRST JAPAN ARENA TOUR “SHINee WORLD 2012”  Recording of 「Bodyguard」 first the first time as Japanese!
CD:M1.Dazzling Girl M2.Run With Me M3.Bodyguard [Rearranged][Studio Version][Live] (Bonus Track)

Regular Edition
◇TOCT-40451 List price 1,200 yen (item alone 1,143 yen)
★First production Special Trading card [You get one random card out of six]
CD:M1.Dazzling Girl M2.Run With Me M3.Dazzling Girl [Instrumental] M4.Run With Me [Instrumental]


<Three “gifts” for buyers of 「Dazzling Girl」!>
1、Invitation to special event to buyers country-wide(selection by raffle) ※Details not decided, will be announced later.

2、Regular shops :Special B2 Poster  【SHINee member solo shot poster】 ※All 5 types are given randomly
3、Electronic (Online) stores : Special Photo 【SHINee member solo shot photo】 ※ All 10 types randomly given

This is just a very very rough translation of what it is.

Translation about Dazzling Girl

From April until July this year (2012), SHINee executed their first country-wide arena tour in Japan “SHINee World 2012 (20 performances at 7 locations). [1]
Their first single for 2012 “Sherlock” peaked at #2 in the Oricon Charts, all four of their consecutive single perfectly have entered the top three. However, their first first original titled single (in Japan) has been announced; “Dazzling Girl” will be released on October 10th.

Dazzling girl, with polished beats and a fresh melody is an impressive piano electro cutting-edge pop number. In keeping with “Dazzling” (shining) in the title, this is a song of praise that expresses the start of a love on instantly when meeting a girl so incredibly beautiful that it shines and feelings of it swelling in the (heart).
In the music video as well, there’s a cute part that during the dance, seems to pays homage to Audrey Hepburn(’s role in) My Fair Lady, when one girl transformed to shining lady due to SHINee becoming a dazzling because of SHINee.
It seems they’re still doing more to enhance this work (for release) so I’m looking forward to the day we can see the finished product.

(Not to mention), each of the creative staff with their name on this peice of work is spectacular. The recording producer is Jeff Miyahara [2] who has produced a number of hit songs with JUJU, Nishino Kana and others. The mixing was done by Grammy-awarded Miles Walker [3] who has worked with Beyonce. Tom Coyne (Sterling Sound) [4] also participated with the mastering, completing SHINee’s music with brillance.

To express the vision of the lyrics with the distinct, sharp delicate dance, the dance team that’s gaining attention worldwide SHIT KINGZ [5] who were victorious two years in a row at the California dance contest in America  were put in charge of the choreography.

And as well, the peice’s jacket, music video’s costumes and hair and make-up is done by global fashion designer Keita Maruyama [6] (and) Tomisawa Noboru [7] who handles ad (TV commercials). These two worked (who the costumes and make-up for Helter Skelter with the mysterious Sawajiri Erika in the lead, this movie which has been gathering a lot  of attention) and have managed to draw out a new side of SHINee

In addition, the stylist Watanabe Yuki [8] assisted Keita Maruyama’s show styling with his reputation for edgy styles from fashion to advertisement, Japan’s top creators active worldwide were gathered for SHINee.
The anticipation of this new song’s debut is growing.

And, the packaging for the limited edition (Type A) is a first in the music industry, a posh clutch bag. SHINee seems to be leading not just the trends of music and dance, but fashion as well with this novel trial. At the time when you’re going out in your favourite dress and accessories, with your heart-pounding glittering feeling, SHINee’s new work is bodily experience I want to have.

[1] I changed a lot of tenses and phrases and it’s still so awkward.  I’m sorry. It’s me. Please forgive any mistakes, blame Orsi for making me excited she’s online.




[5] They worked with EXO before, you should definitely check them out!
Thanks to @soundoversoul & @shawolxinyiMVP




SHINee Mobile Update: 20120608 (SHINee Room Q & A)

What’s something that you keep in mind during concerts?

Onew: Mutual understanding between fans and myself (communication).

Onew’s singing voice is truly (mesmerizing), it’s gentle singing voice. What’s your secret to preserving such a voice?

Onew: Sound sleep! And, I don’t often drink cold stuff before going to bed! Also, be sure not to talk a lot

What’s something that gave you a good laugh recently?

Onew: On May 25th 2012, the day of SHINee’s 4 year anniversary, when at the airport, before (I) got on the airplane, fan came running over and left saying “Oh! SHINee! Oh sorry…” [1]

What’s the most fun point of a concert?

Jonghyun: While all the fans are hyped up and I’m singing a song.

[1] Literally, chigau means “to differ” x is different from y, but it’s also used to show that you were wrong/made a mistake, so it’s not that they were necessarily being rude “wow you don’t look like I thought you would!” but it could be they thought he was a member of SHINee but at looking at him closer in plain clothes thought they were wrong. Though most Japanese fans think it’s option A.

(I’ll add the rest in later!)

SHINee Mobile Update: 20120701 (Staff Blog)

Red Hero

During rehearsals, for some reason there’s a red figure standing behind the members..!!

It’s a staff who crept in, disguised. (laugh)

The members were roaring with laughter, the last rehearsal also spent together in a fun and peaceful way~ ^^

Today being the last day, the staff’s spirits were high!

But they won’t appear in the actual show, right~? (laugh)

Everyone too, it’s (hot &) humid outside so please take care of yourselves when you come to see (the show)!

images from minoutshine

JP -> EN :

note to self 忍び込む means to creep in /steal in

SHINee Mobile Update: 20120624 (Staff Blog) - Fierce Onew

This photo was taken secretly while on the way to the dressing room~!

Somehow he seems just as pumped up as when he’s heading to the stage, right? (o^^o)

images from minoutshine

JP -> EN :


ne ne ne ne ne neeeeeeeeeeee

Shinee Mobile Update 20120604 + Me2day

[Onew updated me2day]

[온유] 키랑 한 컷~^^

[オニュ] Keyとワンカット~^^ (KRN->JP :yappy)

[Onew] One cut with Key ~^^ [0]


[Taemin on Japanese mobile site]

I took purikura [1]

Mine is (with) Key-hyung. [0]

Although I had wanted my own (cutout)…


[Staff update on Japanese mobile site]

In the dressing room earlier, the members were given exclusive use of the purikura booth!!

During the member’s use of the highly praised (booths)

Right away we discovered a member in the middle of using it!! (O^^O)

The individual cutouts of the members appear randomly [2], what sort of pose did everyone do?!

Anxiou~~~~~~~~s (>_<)


[0] Added Onew’s since it was related to Taemin’s update on the Japanese site. It says “cut” literally so I left it…

[1] Purikura refers to the sticker booths available throughout Japan, you can take and decorate your pictures, etc. I mentioned it before (too lazy to find post), but at the concerts they set up these booths so that you can pretend you’re taking pictures with SHINee members. Both Taemin and Onew posed with Key’s cutout. (lol I was torn between saying “cut” and cutout, but you get the idea, right?)

[2] This is why Taemin (and Onew) ended up with Key’s cutout