I hate using the phone.

Ugh. I just dialed the wrong number & a girl answered, since it wasn’t the voice I expected..
Me: “is this 999-1234?”
Ridiculous person: “No, it’s 999-1243.”
Me: “Oh sorry!”
Ridiculous person: “Who is this?”
Me: “I dialed the wrong number…”

I mean did I really have to explain that? Is this the first time you’ve gotten a wrong call? I don’t particularly enjoy being on the receiving end of calls like these but I understand that they didn’t intend to dial the wrong number.
I should have just told her I was from the IRS.

Win a TRIP to Korea?

I’m too shy to do something like this.

But you can win a trip to Korea from KBS, if you join please show me your clip?


KBS World offers:

1) Ticket for “2011 KBS Song Festival” (Live at KBS Hall on 2011.12.30)

2) Air ticket to Korea (Round-trip Ticket, arrives at Incheon International Airport)

3) Accommodation (3 days 2 nights).

How to Join the Event:

Submit Your Own Video & Application form~!


* How & What to Send *

1) Pick your favorite K-Pop song from one of the 2011 Music Bank K-Chart winning songs.

2) Record your own good quality video clip about it! (Length: 1~2 min)

-> You can sing your favorite K-pop song in 2011, or mimic its choreography too. Be Creative & Don’t Forget to Have Fun~!

3) Upload your video on a video-sharing website (eg> YouTube)

-> Please don’t erase the links until we announce the winner

4) Download the application form attached on the bottom of this page

Source: KBS